Mandalas of the Traveller

In this category you will find Mandalas, which I create for the Tarot of the Traveller.

These Mandalas are regularly presented together with a tarot card and a story about it in the newsletter Letters of the Traveller. Each Mandala in this section is a unique creation that is expressing the specific energy of Tarot card related to it.

The mandalas related to the Tarot of the Traveller can be ordered in 2 sizes as signed art prints:

12,3 x 12,3 cm, unframed: CHF 12. shipping not included.
12,3 x 12,3 cm, framed 23 x 23 cm: CHF 27. shipping not included.
29,4 x 29,4 cm, unframed: CHF 65. shipping not included.
29,4 x 29,4 cm, framed 50 x 50 cm: CHF 90. shipping not included.