About Veeno Regula Maeder

Veeno Regula Maeder

My love affair with Mandalas began with the first exhibition of works by the Swiss healer and mystic Emma Kunz at Kunsthaus Aarau, Switzerland. At that time I was 23 years old. Looking at one of her paintings I was struck by lightning: Unexpectedly I felt deeply connected to the message of this art form. Although I had no idea why at the time, the passion to create Mandalas began. Sometimes small circular scribbles, sometimes geometric forms, sometimes spiral structures on paper or on a computer tablet - it is always the circle in its centric perfection that has inspired me ever since.

A deeper understanding began to awaken almost 40 years ago when my search for the meaning of life brought me to India and I met the mystic Osho. Gradually I realized what an effective, simple tool I was given. I saw clearly that Mandalas were not just about an aesthetic expression, but about the representation of the existential reality of human life: I am the resting center and around it play and dance the dramas and joys of our lives. When looking at a Mandala, the experience of being the observer rises without effort all by itself. In this sense, each Mandala encourages to enjoy life from this silent center present, joyful and loving.

Ever more awakening insights inspire my creativity around the mystery of the dance around the centre. Thus all my pictures playfully lure themselves from a rich inner laboratory to the light and surprise me again and again.

I grew up in Switzerland and worked there for over 20 years as a psychotherapist with children. I spent 15 years in Sedona, Arizona, USA and returned to Switzerland in early 2014.

The exploration of life in its creative force from within is also reflected in my other passion: Transformative Coaching. I dive deeply into this creative power with my clients. Here the joy of discovering the new, the unexpected, the surprising is awakened. Sometimes a Mandala can become an effective tool for transformation in coaching.