My Tarot Project


In this project, you will find yourself together with me on an exciting journey of discovery into the world of card reading with French playing cards. I call it Tarot of the Travellers, because this way of reading is often associated with the Travelling Tribe.

Inspired by the Muse, I write about what is touched in me when I draw and look at a certain card of the Tarot. These are spontaneous insights, intimate and personal. They are an invitation to be with oneself. A stimulus for honesty and friendliness, for the courage to get up again, to pack and to carry on like the Travellers.

For enrichment, I have started to design a new Mandala, which is dedicated to the individual card.

I wish you a lot of fun with all this abundance!

You can find more about the Tarot of the Traveller on my new website

And, I offer Readings for a direct contact with the wisdom of the Tarot of the Travellers.

May the poetry of life carry you inside!

Veeno Regula