The King of Spades

The King of Spades is a man of reflection and great openness. His kindness is honest. Without disguise his solutions to situations of all kinds are unconventional. They surprise. They dare to look at the essential. They are tailored to the concrete situation. Challenges bring out the best in him. His courage to explore new paths is much stronger than collective fears of losing the old.

We all carry these qualities within us. We can all discover exactly this openness and friendliness, this courage, to examine everything anew, again and again. These qualities are never lost. Yes, they are sometimes hidden by worries and fears.
Whether you are a woman, a man, a girl or a boy: challenge yourself, accept these qualities in you. See them in the children and tickle them in them to the light. Just now that we are all moving closer together in small communities, these qualities are bringing forth many an inner wisdom in young and old. They bring unexpected solutions and joy into daily life.
Take a moment — do you recognize these qualities in you? Do you remember a situation where you were calm and open and innovative? How could this look like today in your life? Let’s be curious how it would look like to move from a deeper intelligence than from the reactive mind.
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