Queen of Spades

What a coincidence!
I just drew a new card for the next Gypsy News and what came up? The Queen of Spades.
She’s the female equivalent of the King of Spades, who was featured in the latest news. The Queen of Spades is his partner. Together they play an honest, open game.

And now to her, the Queen of Spades.
She represents a woman of openness and kindness. Mature, unapologetically direct, without any ulterior motives of favour, she meets us. Her nature is deeply rooted in the earth. A real human with skin and hair. Stable in what is right in the moment and in resonance with everything, she never loses sight of the whole. In her presence we feel comfortable, we blossom, but sometimes we are also uncomfortably seen. Everything can and is permitted to be. Her fuelling ground is pausing and being still.
She smiles in the sweet summer scent of the linden tree, she sighs in the gnarled branch of an oak tree, as a stalactite her tears soak the hardest surface, in the aspen leaves she trembles and like storm she is able to sweep away old stuff passionately.

The queen of Spades shows her awake humanness. A mirror of what is. In you, in me, in your neighbour, whether woman, whether man, whether child, these amazing qualities of being human are alive and visible.
I propose an experiment: in one of the next conversations, put aside your role as wife, mother, partner, sister, daughter, mother-in-law, friend. Just be there, as a human being who listens openly and can wait for an answer to come from within; an answer that includes the other person, an answer from the silent depths within you.
And don’t forget: this female expression is also available to every male being. When it shines through in a man, it has a special flavor, which always touches me, as a woman, deeply as a woman.

Greetings, Veeno Regula

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